Friday, May 16, 2008

If I were a animal, I'd be a...

If I were a animal, I'd be a goldfish because I would be able to swim around the fish tank and I would feel free and calm. I think fish tanks must be very quiet and comfortable.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. The location is in south-east Victoria. The population is 3.345.000. It is also called the''Garden state''.
Melbourne is situated on the Yarra River, which has beautiful old bridges. There are many cafes and cuisine in its restaurants, many clubs and bars. It has Chinese,Vietnamese,Greeks and Italians.
On weekends people enjoy picnic lunches, children love to feed the ducks and swim there.
Melbourne's industry is car manufacture, clothing manufacture and tourism. Melbourne has a large public transport - buses, trams and trains in the city centre. I have never been to Melbourne and I hope I will go there soon.


Perth is the capitol city of Western Australia. There is a large student population in 4 universities. It's 1.34000 population. The weather is hot in summer, cool and wet in winter. They have 8 hours sunshine per day. In Perth, many people love outdoors are relaxed and friendly, because the weather is sunny and hot, so they love beaches go swimming, boating, fishing and have fun. It's one of the best cities in word. Remember lots of tourist go to Perth to buy wine,opals,gold and diamonds. They are so beautiful. The wine tastes so good, people love it.The women love the opals and diamonds. Have you been there?

Monday, April 21, 2008

First day in Australia

My first day in Australia was so happy. My friend and my husband met me at the airport. I thought the freedom, fresh air and blue sky was so good. Then, we went back home for a good night sleep.

After that we visited our friends and family. We talked about the Australia lifestyle, culture and beaches. Then we were very happy and we realised our new life was in this country.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The city of Shanghai

Shanghai is a large city in China,at the back of the ''Yangtze River''and ''Huangpu River''. The name ''Shanghai'' means above the ''sea''. The city is divided by the Huangpu River. In winter it is freezing and in summer it is hot.
The population is large, because Shanghai is a modern city. It is the economic center of East Asia.There are many activities like sports and museums,shopping center banks buildings, fashions, colleges and universities.
Shanghainese live in ''shikumen'' residences, which are two or three-storey townhouses with a front yard. This is commonly seen in Anglo-American countries. Now they keep those ''shikumen''houses as historical sites. Today,people live in apartment buildings, they have a car and a good lifestyle.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

An interesting holiday

Last year our family visited Singapore for 3 days. It was so good and beautiful. I really enjoyed it.
We travelled about 7 hours from Sydney to Singapore, when we arrived at the airport, we felt so comfortable and relaxed, because we thought the environment was so clean. We stayed in the Holiday Inn hotel,they had breakfast and 3 nights accomodation, and you could travel bus everywhere.
Singapore was English, Chinese, Indian peoples who all arrived in this place, so they are peaceful and friendly.
They spoke two languages,English and Mandarin.Now Singapore is a big world transport centre country. So the economy is going up quickly.
I like to visit different countries, but I haven't got enough money.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Harmony Day

Harmony day is 21 March each year. Australia's are welcoming people from every way.They can speak many languages, are not racist and people can live together.
I think Australia is a free and peaceful place. I don't feel worried about anything.
I would like to say people have a little discrimination in some cases, but not much. People believe in equality. It's a good country.
We were celebrating it in T A F E last week. Everyone was happy!